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Munkebo Multipark, located right in the middle of Munkebo, is a fantastic green area offering lots of activities for the whole family. A path designed for running or hiking connects the Skater Park, the Open Air Area and the Playground. Visitors to Munkebo Multipark can spend the night in shelters.

Next to the Multipark is Munkebo Sports Centre, with access to both public swimming baths and a bowling centre.

A trip to Munkebo Bakke, the highest hill in the Kerteminde region, offers outstanding views and an overview of Munkebo’s location, with water to both the north and the south.
The Vikings probably enjoyed the view from Munkebo Bakke, where they could keep an eye on the movements of friends and enemies. Excavations on Munkebo Bakke have shown a link between the hill and the Vikings who buried a chieftain at Ladby, south of the cove.

Near Munkebo Bakke lies Munkebo Miniby, a miniature replica of Munkebo as the town looked before the Lindø shipyard was constructed in 1959, transforming the town completely.

Munkebo’s unparalleled nature can also be enjoyed on a walking tour, including via the 20-km Munkebosti path. To the north towards Odense Fjord is the small harbour of Boels Bro and, west of the town, next to Kertinge Nor cove, is the Munkebo Småbådehavn marina.

In the centre of Munkebo, you will find restaurants and shops as well as Munkebo Kulturhus, a community centre in which more than 40 associations offer a wide range of activities every day of the week.

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