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The southern part of the Municipality of Kerteminde is replete with areas of natural beauty, farm shops, quaint little villages and a thriving town, Langeskov, offering a variety of shopping opportunities. From here, the municipality is connected with the rest of Denmark by motorway and train services.

In and around Langeskov, there are several small villages with areas of natural beauty and lakes, including Bytoften with a Viking settlement and the nearby marsh Rønninge Mose. In Rønninge, there is both a great playground and a golf course. Nonnebo, Birkende, Rynkeby, Kølstrup are among the amazing villages where you can enjoy some unique moments.
An unusual natural spot is Urup Dam, an area of rare plants and flowers and with abundant birdlife.

Garden South has a number of exciting farm shops and roadside stalls offering local produce and products. The area offers everything your heart desires. Plants and flowers, fresh vegetables that come straight from the soil and are sold from roadside stalls. Berries picked and made into jams, juices and cherry wine as well as locally produced meats and cold cuts.

Whether it is the beautiful scenery, the farm visit, art and galleries or a culinary experience that inspired you to explore Garden South, there is something for everyone here.
There are two major annual events in Langeskov, Odin Cruise & Meet and the large, nationally renowned flea market Langeskov Kræmmermarked.

Sibirens Specialfoder – Jagt og Fritid
Sibiriensvej 236, 5300 Kerteminde
Phone: +45 65323196 –

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