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The Vikingmuseum Ladby

Visit Denmark's oldest royal tomb

At the Viking Museum Ladby by Kerteminde Fjord you can step inside Denmark's oldest royal tomb. Here, a nameless king was laid to rest in his Viking ship more than 1,000 years ago. The museum contains Denmark's only ship grave from the Viking Age – an attraction of international format. The Ladby ship is atmospherically displayed as a burial chamber in a rebuilt burial mound exactly on the spot where it was found in 1935. Archaeological investigations have established that the Viking ship was pulled up on land around the year 925, where the dead king was buried in the ship with his horses, dogs, weapons and other valuable goods.


Viking Museum Ladby's main attraction is the Ladby king's Viking ship grave; but is also a museum for the entire East Funen Viking Country. The exhibition "Ladbykongens Verden" tells about the Viking Age in a broad and general way. With the help of exhibited finds, films and artistic renderings of Viking Age East Funen, you can explore the world and daily life that the King of Ladby was a part of. In the "Vikings' Wardrobe", both children and adults can try dressing up in Viking clothes. Everywhere in the exhibitions you will also find many unique local metal detector finds that tell about people and gods in the Viking Age in gold, silver and bronze. The Ladby king's funeral is presented in the exhibition "King and Warrior". Here you can experience the illusion of being present on the day when the dead Viking king was laid to rest in his ship, ready for the voyage to the beyond. A full-size replica of the Ladby ship, recreated Vikings, dead horses and grave goods can be seen next to display cases with the original items from the grave. Furthermore, in the exhibition you can see the unique Ladby Tapestry – a seven-metre long embroidered tapestry inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry from Normandy. Here the story of the death of the King of Ladby and the discovery of his grave 1000 years later is conveyed - in colorful pictures.

The Ladby Dragon

All summer long, you can experience the reconstructed Viking ship, the Ladbydragen, lying and rocking in the fjord below the burial mound. Exactly where the original ship was pulled ashore over 1,000 years ago. Read much more about the shipwreck, the Ladby dragon, the Ladby tapestry and much more on the Viking Museum Ladby's website.

Experiences all year round

Throughout the year, the museum's visitors can experience an exciting program with current lectures about the Viking Age, tours about the King of Ladby and the Viking Age, as well as lots of Viking activities for children and adults. During the school holidays, an exciting program of Viking activities is offered. Depending on the time of year, visitors of all ages can try their hand at archaeology, archery, javelin throwing, Viking combat, ceramics, woodworking, etc. accompanied by the museum's skilled and knowledgeable mediators. All year round there are also treasure hunts for children throughout the museum.

The museum shop

In the Viking Museum Ladby's museum shop, you can buy a wide range of delicious items with the Viking Age as their theme. The shop offers a large selection of jewellery, mead, books, toys and other Viking souvenirs. It is also possible to buy coffee, cocoa, soft drinks, ice cream and cakes, which can be enjoyed in the small café area or in the museum's cozy courtyard.

Access conditions and availability

Both the museum building and the mound with the Viking ship grave are handicapped-friendly with ramps, no high door steps and, in the case of the museum building, an elevator. The trip from the parking lot in front of the museum to the museum building as well as the trip from the latter to the hill (approx. 300 m) can be challenging due to gravel and dirt paths, respectively, which by their nature are not 100% level. However, there are benches along the way, so it is possible to take a break from the walk.

In the basement of the museum building there is a toilet which is suitable for the disabled. The basement is easily accessible by elevator.

There is free entry for disabled helpers who visit the museum during working hours.

Dogs are welcome on a leash in the museum's outdoor area.

The museum has a wheelchair that can be borrowed.

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