Vikingemuseum Ladby

What to see in Kerteminde

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A destination with a lot of sights to see and experience

Fjord & Bælt

Fjord&Bælt is an exciting experience- and research centre for both children and grown ups, and for you who wish to learn more about the wonderful world below the surface of the sea. Experience the only breeding whale in Denmark: the porpoises Eigil, Freja, Sif and the new-born Frigg Amand...

At the heart of nature’s beauty

Kerteminde is one of the top places in Denmark for the most hours of sunshine annually. Combining this with one of the most varied and beautiful scenic areas produces a destination with picturesque views for your holiday snaps around every corner and over every hilltop.

The Vikingmuseum Ladby

What is the Ladby Ship? It is Denmark’s only ship grave from the Viking period. Around 925 AD, the king of Ladby was buried in his ship, which was 21.5 meters long and 3 meters wide. A burial mound was raised above the ship. His grave was furnished with all his fine possessions, including...

museums in Kerteminde

Kerteminde has lots of museums. Learn about the vikings that called Kerteminde their home, or the famous painters that lived here.

Castles & Manors

Get an overview of the castles and manors found in and around Kerteminde.


The churches in the municipality of Kerteminde

Art in Kerteminde

As the light of Skagen was pivotal for the likes of Krøyer, Drachmann and Ancher, so has the light of Kerteminde been crucial for Johannes Larsen, Fritz Syberg as well as many contemporary artists in the Kerteminde vicinity.

Johannes Larsen Museum

The Johannes Larsen Museum at Møllebakken in Kerteminde offers more than just an artistic experience of a special quality. The museum is also a fascinating historical architectural environment with the artist's home in the centre, surrounded by more recent buildings of great architectural ...


In and around Kerteminde, you will find a galaxy of galleries and artists producing unique works of art. Driving through the magnificent landscape, ...

Artists in Kerteminde

The artists living and working in Kerteminde work with all sorts of materials and media – from hand-crafted paper, fabric, stone, collage, photography...

The retracing art trail

the retracing art trail puts a new artistic spin on nature. You are guided to see the motifs for twelve famous paintings, with the opportunity to en...

Monuments in Kerteminde

See, discover and learn about the many monuments here in Kerteminde