Holiday for kids

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What to do and see when on holiday in Kerteminde when you are a kid


At the heart of nature’s beauty

Kerteminde is one of the top places in Denmark for the most hours of sunshine annually.
Combining this with one of the most varied and beautiful scenic areas produces a destination with picturesque views for your
holiday snaps around every corner and over every hilltop.

Lillestranden Kerteminde 2
Photo: VisitFyn

Angler de luxe

Kerteminde offers some of the most varied and challenging fishing experiences in Denmark. 
You can fish all year round and, with an impressive nine official fishing spots at the destination, there is plenty to choose from.

Munkebo Multipark
Photo: VisitKerteminde

Munkebo Multipark

If you are inclined to a more active day, then Munkebo Multipark is the right place for you.


Vi har take away eller bringer ud under Corona krisen

Få her et samlet overblik over de spisesteder, som enten har take away, udbringning eller begge dele under denne corona krise.

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