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If you are using public transportation to and from Kerteminde there are great opportunities to get out and about - both eastwards and westwards. There are 4 bus departures per hour to and from Odense and one hourly departure to and from Nyborg. Both from Nyborg and Odense there are departures by bus and train to the rest of the country.


At Kerteminde Tourist Bureau, you can buy tickets (bus and/or train) when you’re travelling from Kerteminde to the rest of the country, or if you get a sudden urge for a day trip to Copenhagen, Aarhus or whereever. Call and book your trip now, then you can just tell us the booking number when you come to pick up your tickets. 
We offer tickets for travel within Denmark: one-way, round trip, 10-trip cards and commuter cards. You can also buy family tickets that can give up to a 63% discount. Ask us about the discount at the Tourist Bureau.


Bus Connections:

Transport to and from Kerteminde can happen through the different Fynbus bus connections. You find the time schedule for the various routes by clicking at this link.

151 Kerteminde - Odense 

885 Kerteminde - Langeskov - Odense 

920 Kerteminde - Nyborg 

Using the local traffic in Kerteminde you can reach other local destinations a.o. the lovely Hindsholm. 

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Rent a bike

Rent a bike at the Tourist Agency

The price is 100 DKK per day per bike, and a deposit of 500DKK

If you want to rent a bike for 7 days, you will get the 7th day for free, so the price for 7 days is 600DKK

You can contact the agency at or by phone at +45 65 32 11 21



Rent a car

It is possible to rent a car in Denmark at the following places





Airports in Denmark

The two major airports in Denmark are

Copenhagen Airport

Billund Airport