Enjoy nature, the beach and the sea at one the many wonderful beaches in Kerterminde municipality. But do not forget to show appropriate respect for the sea, when going to the beach.
Read through the swimming advice listed below and follow it carefully to ensure a safe day at the beach.

1. Learn how to swim
Bathing in the ocean can be dangerous, especially if you are not able to swim. Should you still choose to go into the water, make sure to select a shallow area where sea conditions are calm, so you do not get into trouble.

2. Never enter the water on your own 
When more than one person is present in the water, people can keep an eye out for each other and react quickly if somebody is in trouble. This is safer for everyone. If you are on a beach with a lifeguard tower, it is advised to swim in the area between the red and yellow flags, which is the area monitored by the lifeguards. Avoid dangerous games in the water and do scream for help unless you are serious. 

3. Read the wind and the water
Prior to swimming, you should assess water depth, current and wind direction. When there are offshore winds, inflatable beach toys, boats and matrasses will quickly drift to sea. The water becomes cold by the shore, and lion’s mane jellyfish may be present. When there are onshore winds, there is an added risk of rips. Should you get caught in a rip current, it is important that you remain calm and let the current lead you out. Then you will have enough strength to swim towards land, when the current lets up.

4. Get to know the beach
If you are swimming in a new location, you should be extra careful. Ask the locals or a lifeguard if there is anything specific to be aware of before entering the water. Perhaps a speed ferry passing by increases the size of the waves? Perhaps the beach is known for its strong side current or rips? Take your time and remember that water conditions change with weather conditions.

5. Never let children out of sight
Even bigger children, who are comfortable swimmers in a pool, can get into trouble when faced with the sea’s currents and waves. Therefore, keep a close eye on children on the beach and make sure you do not get distracted. Stay close to the children so you can hear each other, and also giving you the possibility to intervene if necessary. At you can read more about the specific issues to watch out for and how to react to them

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