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Tornøes Hotel - Restaurant

Enjoy a well-prepared dinner with a view of Kerteminde Fjord and harbour.

Sit down at the table in our a la carte restaurant and enjoy a good, classic meal; We offer both an evening and lunch menu, where you can order our Tornøes classics, a 2- or 3-course menu, a children's menu or something sweet with your coffee. We have set up with candles, tablecloths and cloth napkins, and ensure that you have a cozy Funen experience in beautiful surroundings.

In the summer you can enjoy your food on the terrace, where locals and tourists meet to follow the cozy harbor environment while they enjoy a delicious dinner.

In addition to being able to offer delicious, classic lunch and evening menus, we also offer party menus for you and your guests when you hold events with us. Here you have the opportunity to choose rooms and the company package that suits you best.

Our chefs make all food from scratch, and take pride in using local, fresh ingredients. Therefore, you can expect a dinner that is inspired by the temptations of the season with a focus on the good taste experience. We are a small, local hotel, so the meat comes from the butcher, the fish from the harbor and the bread from the local baker.

Bon appetite!

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