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Syberg beef is delicious and tender meat from Scottish Highland cattle.

Animal welfare leaves a better taste in the mouth

Lene Gommesen and Peter Bisgaard live on the Vestergaard farm and own Syberg cattle. Read what they say about their lifestyle and their cattle here:

We love living in the countryside, love the fresh air and living close to nature and animals. There is something special about growing your own produce.

Knowing where the food you eat comes from is very special and gives a good taste in your mouth!

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to do this, which is why we came up with the idea of ​​the Syberg cattle.

We will therefore give you the opportunity to buy meat, where you will be sure of where the cattle come from, who has looked after them and in general; how their lives have been.

It is always possible to come by and take a walk in the paddocks. In this way, we work to give you the opportunity to get closer to the reality where the food is made.

We think this adds value - both for us, for the animals and for you.

Animal welfare is incredibly important to us. We see our herd as living beings who have a right to a good life, lots of love and care.

The Syberg cattle on Sybergland

Our animals take care of the nature care in the ecosystem in and around Sybergland, where neither spraying nor fertilizing is done. The herd goes out all year round, as it is in the open nature that they thrive best.

Our animals are primarily Scottish Highland cattle. It takes a little longer for this breed to become fleshy due to their frugality - you can't force growth. It therefore takes longer for the breed to reach slaughter weight.

The slow and natural growth makes the meat very low in fat, tender, juicy and low in cholesterol. The taste of the meat is also completely unique, and you can actually taste the grass and herbs that the animals have eaten in the meadows.

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