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Skovlyst, Geelsskov

Skovlyst is a cabin located in Geelsskov.


Cabin size: 180 m2
Plot size: 203,819 m2
Number of beds in total: 28
Number of executive rooms: 2
Number of sleeping places in manager's room: 2+4
Number of bedrooms: 2
Number of beds in bedroom: 22
Number of living rooms: 1
Number of laundry rooms: 1
Number of showers: 1
Number of toilets: 2


Electric light: Yes
Hot water: Yes
Cold water: Yes
Heat source: Electric heating.
Fireplace/burning stove: yes


Stove: Yes
Refrigerator: Yes
Freezer: No
Dishwasher: No
Coffee machine: Yes
Number of service sets: 30

Outdoor facilities

Fire pit: Yes
Firewood: Yes
Pitching a tent: Yes
Forest and stream: Yes

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