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Munkebo Kro

In our kitchen, it will be the seasons, as well as the supply of good Funen ingredients, that will decide.

Munkebo Kro is more than one experience, and everything we do aims to give our guests full attention. The place is a cozy traditional inn with a modern twist, where food, wine and service can be enjoyed in a relaxing and cozy setting.

At Munkebo Kro, we have a great passion for good craftsmanship and respect for the classic virtues, but with a youthful urge to let ourselves be inspired and to be in constant development.

In our kitchen, it will be the seasons and the supply of good Funen ingredients that decide. Therefore, the menu will be in constant development, so that it adapts to the whims of nature.

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Munkebo Kro has chargers for electric cars. Billed through the Spirii app.

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