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Fyns Hoved Camping

Fyns Hoved Camping was established on the beautiful Hindsholm peninsula in 1962. The campsite is placed directly on the coast in the midst of rolling hillls, bays and small islands. It is surrounded by bird sanctuaries and conservation areas with abundant wildlife allowing good possibilities to see pheasants and other birds, deer and hares at close range.

Fyns Hoved is located in the driest region of the country where rainfall is 25% less than anywhere else in Denmark. The long coast is perfect for angling and clean beaches offer good conditions for divers and surfers. Hindsholm is a pearl in the Danish landscape with its quaint villages, manor homes and ancient passage graves from the Stone Age. The nearby town of Kerteminde offers shopping, restaurants, museums and cinemas.

The campsite is located on 11 hectare land. It has room for 230 campers with large open spaces between the rows. It also offers 15 cabins and 1 camper for hire.

It has many facilities on the premises including a grocery store, grill café, and service areas with kitchens. The bathroom and shower building was modernized in 1999, and is now run by solar power.

For children there is a small playground with rabbits and chickens and a larger playground with jumping pillows, as well as a playing field for football, basketball, volleyball and a crazy golf course.

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