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Cloverpaths in Kerteminde

In Denmark, we have hiking paths marked by a four-leaf clover. These are Kløverstierne (Cloverpaths). Their purpose: To make people re-discover their own town or be tourist in other towns. In Kerteminde we have 3 cities with Kløverstier, and each city has four different routes you can take all depending on how far you want to walk. The routes are primarily categorized as 2, 5, 7 and 10 km. (Some being a little more, others being a little less). So chose your city and color, and head out and discover the beautiful town of your choice.

Cloverpath in Kerteminde
In Kerteminde Kløverstierne can take you on a trip around the city center, with the old charming buildings that dates to the 18th century. If you follow the green path, you will experience a piece of history with the city walk. If you follow the blue clovers, it will take you down and around the marina and harbor. Here you can watch the boats come and go or go swimming. If you follow the red path, you will find your way to a more nature inspired walk, where the beach and small forest will take you through the south end of town. If you want more of a challenge, then the black path is for you. The path will take you all around the outskirts of town, with beautiful nature, where painters like Fritz Syberg got his inspiration. You will likewise be able to see Great Northern Golf Course, where you can grab a lunch before continuing. You can likewise bring your bike if that is more your style.   
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Cloverpath in Langeskov
Approx. 15 min, south out of the city by car, you will find the small town Langeskov. Here the four routes will take you through the old railway town of Langeskov, the birthplace of Hans Tausen, the old watermills Bierne and Mellem Mølle and through the archaeological dig site Bytoften, where proof of life dates to the Bronze age.
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Cloverpath in Munkebo
Taking the Kløverstier around Munkebo, you will see how important Lindøværftet has been for Munkebo. Likewise, you have the opportunity to walk through the town, or explore the landscape that the till has created.
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