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Camp Hverringe

Scenic campsite at Kerteminde, close to forest and beach

Funen is fun and so is Camp Hverringe. Here, the entire family can explore one of Denmark's most sunny areas - on land and at sea. With the estate "Hverringe" as the owner of the camp ground, the surroundings are truly aristocratic. The site has received five stars and with its ongoing renovation, the facilities are also in a class of their own.

Enjoy our exquisite family bathrooms. And take pleasure in all the other lovely facilities: Modern kitchens that are perfect for making and enjoying delicious summer meals. Floor heating in all buildings to heat up feet and swimwear in no time. So pack your suitcase and leave your everyday life behind. And have your best family holiday ever.

...on the beach
"Children should be very understanding of grown-ups" is a quotation from the wonderful story "The Little Prince" with reference to the serioiusness of adults. But at Bøgebjerg Strand Camping, your holiday will first and foremost be centred around the children. We offer direct access to our own child-friendly beach where a child can have its first encounter with the sea or engage in wild beach volley and water trampoline jumping.

...and by the pool
Here the children can folic in two child-friendly pools where the water is always nice and warm. In the large pool there is, naturally, also room for the adults. That is, if they do not prefer to sit in the pool café and enjoy a cup of coffee, an ice-cream or a light meal - and look at their splishing-splashing kids.

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