Bike route 45: Kerteminde - Odense

Bike route 45 Kerteminde - Odense Total distance: 23 km on paved road.


Kerteminde used to be Funen’s most important harbour city and today the fishing harbour still plays an important role in the city’s life. 

The statue of the fisher girl ‘Amanda’ located at Langebro is the city’s landmark. In the narrow streets there are several protected strokes, and a building from 17th century houses the city museum. Fiskergade is an example of a street with picturesque facades full of fantasy. The city also offers a museum featuring the works of painter Johannes Larsen worth a visit. Johannes Larsen is particularly renowned for his bird drawings. The city also houses the Fjord- og Bæltcentret (“Fjord&Belt”), where research and stories of the sea environment in Kertinge Nor, Kerteminde Inlet and Bay as well as Storebælt (“The Great Belt”) are important ingredients.

A 50m tunnel under the sea surface provides an opportunity to study the animal and plant life of Storebælt, and there is also a large outdoor pool with seals. 

From Kerteminde take the bike from Langebro southwards along Odensevej towards Ladby. Ladby is a pretty village with several old houses and farms. A couple of kilometres north of the village you can visit Ladbyskibet (“The Ladby Ship”) – a Viking ship from around 950 AD – a burial site for a Viking chief. The museum features imprints of the ship as well as some of the discoveries made in connection with the excavation, which took place in 1935. The ship is located in the middle of a larger Viking burial site. 


At Kølstrup church there is a wonderful view of the bottom of Kertinge Nor. The protected Kølstrup Præstegård (“Kølstrup Rectory”) is a well-kept timbered farm. 

On the other side of the Nor visitors will find the Ulriksholm manor. Along a lengthy avenue of stonewalls visitors are led up to the manor. The manor was built in the 16th century with the founding of the village Skinnerup and later taken over by Christian the 4th, who gave it to one of his sons born out of wedlock. After passing large manor fields with several stretches of forest, visitors will reach yet another manor, the Østergård, which for a long time belonged to Ulriksholm. The main building is from 1731 and is a black timbered construction with red bricks. 

Before riding into Bullerup, visitors will pass Vejrup river. In Bullerup there are many horticultural farms, and even though it is close to Odense it has not its village character. After Bullerup visitors may opt for an extra stretch northwards leading up to Seden Strandby. Here at the bottom of the shallow Odense Fjord (“Odense Inlet”) visitors can wade in the shallow water and spot birds such as the large plover, the dunlin and a common sandpiper and in the winter season thousands of mute swans. 

Odense Å 
Odense Å is crossed at Biskorup. The source of the lake is Arreskov lake, Funen’s largest, at route 51 and 79. The lake is 60 km long and runs through the centre of Odense. Here at Biskorup, where the lake is wide and close to its expiry into Odense Fjord, was where Odense’s harbour was located in the Middle Ages. 

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