Bike route 41

Bike route 41: Kerteminde-Korshavn-Kerteminde Total distance: 55,5 km 52,75 km on paved road 2,75 km on dirt road.


From Kerteminde visitors ride toward the Hverringe manor. This three-winged baroque castle is from 1790 and is surrounded by moats. The land north of the manor is protected. It is a beautiful landscape of stonewalls, pollarded poplar fences and single trees on the fields, which toward the coast transcends into beach meadows and grasslands. 

In the village Måle, visitors will find an unspoilt village structure as well as many well-kept timbered houses and farms. Allow yourself a brief detour to the old refurbished windmill in Viby. As is the case of many windmills, it is beautifully located in the landscape with a great view. From here visitors can ride out to Bøgebjerg Strand, where they can witness the grasslands also known as Bjørnens Krat (“The Bear’s Scrub”). An information plate is located on site. The coast stretches into a small forest, where birds of prey may be sighted in the spring. 

For bike riders the stretch from Martofte to Fyns Hoved is, unfortunately, not always very pleasant. Car traffic is dense in both directions on this road, which is the only way to Fyns Hoved. For this reason, on the way to Martofte you should assess whether you want to ride the last stretch. Fyns Hoved is absolutely worth a visit with its unusual landscape and beautiful view over sea and land on a clear day. But please be aware that the last couple of kilometres to the “Head” takes place on foot and not on the bicycle. 

If you opt to continue north from Martofte you will soon reach the Marhøj relic housing Funen’s largest one-chambered passage grave. In the mound after a7 metrelong entrance visitors will find a tomb tall as a man and approximately10 metreslong with seven lintel stones. The passage grave was built by farmers around 3000 BD.

Fyns Hoved 

From Mårhøj going north towards Fynshoved, the bicycle ride takes place on the ‘back’ of the peninsula with terrific views over Storebælt and Lillestrand’s man islets and coves. All of the northern Hindsholm is an important breeding area for birds. It is for instance Funen’s only breeding area for black guillemots. Moreover, the area is resting place for many migratory birds such as razorbills and grebes. 

Fyns Hoved is composed of hilly grasslands with a steep erosion coast to the west and soft compensation coasts to the east. The tallest headland is Baesbanke or just ‘Hovedet’ (“The Head”) as it is referred to by the locals, and from where it is possible to see the coasts of Sealand and Jutland in clear weather as well as large parts of Hindsholm, the area around Odense and finally Samsø and Æbleø in the Kattegat. The northern part of Hindsholm is one of Denmark’s most precipitation poor areas, which is illustrated by the presence of many warmth-loving and drought-tolerant plant and insect species. With a bit of luck it is possible to spot seals and porpoises in Kattegat. The area is also an important location for migratory birds especially in the spring. 

After the visit to Fyns Hoved you will ride back to Martofte. Along route 41 a left turn is taken along route 41; but do also take notice of the alternative bicycle path (mostly a dirt path) on the map between Martofte and Mesinge. The path runs along the former railway track on the Drigstrup-Mesinge-Martofte route. Route 41 runs along the water part of the way and is therefore an attractive option for many. 

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Bicycles for rent

Kerteminde tourist agency provides bicycles for rent. 

The price of renting a bicycle for a day is DKK100 and DKK500 for a week.

Both adult and kids bicycles are available