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Hindsholm Gårdbutik & Delikatesse

On the Hindsholm peninsula you will find the organic farm Stålbækgård and Hindsholm Gårdbutik & Delikatesse. On the farm, Jersey cows, musk ducks and chickens walk around free, living the good life. In the kitchen garden, various vegetables and fruits grow, including potatoes, leeks, squash, pumpkins, strawberries, raspberries, apples, plums, cherries, and pears, and in the homemade greenhouse we grow tomatoes, basil, chili and more. The items in the store depend on the harvest of the year, therefore it will be different how much there is of the individual item. This helps to ensure a sustainable farm shop where no more is produced than is needed. In the farm shop you can also buy beef, ducks, soup roosters, fresh eggs from the organic chickens, as well as various homemade items such as jam, syrup, liqueur, ready meals and more. They also occasionally have individual items from other manufacturers in the area, which are carefully selected.

Stålbækgård is a more than 200-year-old farm, which the Danish-English couple Louise and Benjamin took over in 2013. They are responsible for both agriculture and the farm shop. When they moved to Stålbækgård in 2013, they dreamed of having a small farm that could make them self-sufficient. It turned out, however, that the farm's raw materials produced more than enough for what they themselves needed, so they began selling the surplus goods in their farm shop. After the takeover, they have converted it into organic farming, and are in the process of making the farm CO2 neutral as well.

Hindsholm Beef
At Stålbækgård, it is the love of nature and good food that is always in focus. Louise and Benjamin care a lot about both animal welfare and sustainability. They take pride in making sure the animals are well.
Their specialty Hindsholm Beef comes from young bulls of the breed Jersey. They come to the farm as calves, where they are cared for and given the opportunity to frolic in the scenic surroundings. The calves are adopted from organic milk production where they have had no value. On the farm there are also a couple of retired dairy cows who take care of their own and the adopted calves. Here the animals get the peace and time it takes to grow big. Jersey cows are not described as beef cattle, as they are a small breed that takes a long time to become meaty. On the farm we have plenty of time, and with lots of time and love, the meat becomes tender, juicy and tasty.

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